• 1986

    GLH company becomes the owner of STEMAT

    Company GLH (Guy Levivier Holding) becomes the owner of STEMAT. Based in Raismes, Nothern France (near Valenciennes), STEMAT is a company specialized in trading and distribution of industrial valves, mainly dedicated to heating equipments.
  • 1989

    Ets JANSEN buyout in Forbach

    Guy Levivier Holding buyout the Ets JANSEN located in Forbach, in Moselle's department. Following this buyout, the company specialized in selling valves changes its name and becomes the « New JANSEN Company ».
  • 1992

    The New JANSEN company moves to Raismes

    La « New JANSEN Company » leaves its Forbach's headquarters to be part of STEMAT's headquarters based in Raismes, Nothern France. The two companies live in the same place mais work independantly.
  • 2004

    Melting of the two companies and creation of STEMAT-JANSEN

    The geographical grouping of the two companies has allowed the gradual pooling of their administrative and commercial services. The merger of the two brands was formalized in 2004 with the establishment of a co-management entrusted to MM. Levivier and Stéphane Benoit Renard.
  • 2013

    Creation in 2013 of a new visual identity and of the new website.

    Well-known across Europe for the quality and competitive manufacturing costs for their Gate valves, Globe Valves and Strainers, STEMAT-JANSEN brand embraces a new visual identity matching the values it shares: Quality, accuracy, reliability and adaptability.
  • 2020

    Our new website is online

    Our new website is online ! Find all our product catalog online.  

    Stemat Jansen addresses new markets

    STEMAT-JANSEN is now present in the distribution of industrial valves and fluid control equipment for the oil, chemical and gas industries, as well as in the supply of flanges, pipes and accessories.