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Gate valves

The STEMAT-JANSEN Gate Valve have a wedge that moves linearly and perpendicularly to the flows at the seatings rings level. The we...

Globe valves

The STEMAT-JANSEN globe valve regulates the flow of a gaseous or liquid fluid. Its shutter moves linearly in the direction of flow...

Check valves

STEMAT-JANSEN non-return valves open automatically under the pressure of a fluid in a defined direction and close automatically to...

''Y'' type Strainers

Located upstream of the installations, the STEMAT-JANSEN screen filters have the function of retaining the solid particles present...

Butterfly valves

Les vannes papillon STEMAT-JANSEN possède un obturateur qui tourne autour d’un axe perpendiculairement au sens d’écoulement....

Ball valves

STEMAT-JANSEN ball valves have the advantage of being able to be operated quickly thanks to an operating lever which rotates a sph...

Our expertise

Indispensable partner of industry and production, STEMAT-JANSEN is the European specialist in industrial valves whatever the fields of application :

Custom-made solutions and solutions in industrial valves :

Adaptation d'un filtre à tamis Y en acier moulé pour l'Hôpital de Strasbourg pour son réseau de distribution du froid

A made-to-measure “Y” type Strainer in cast steel DN 700 PN 10 in order to protect its coolling system network

Which “Y” screen filter for a refrigeration production network: The Strasbourg hospital asked Stemat-Jansen company to provide it with a made-to-measure a “Y” type...
Adaptation d'une vanne à passage direct DN250 PN40 avec un by pass

Adaptation of a cast steel gate valve DN250 PN40 valve with a bypass

To meet the specific needs of a plant in the food industry, we have adapted the cast steel gate valve DN 250 PN40 valve...